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Hand and Lock

Embroidery Prize

In November 2016 Annalisa Middleton won the prestigious Hand and lock embroidery prize, coming first place in the fashion open category, along with the Gold and Silver wyre drawer's award, a special prize for excellence in the application goldwork embroidery.

  The entry is an interpretation of the iconic shell suit, made in pure English Wool with high relief Goldwork embroidery contouring the body in the form of a glittering space Octopus. Set on a background colourful Spider stitch galaxies and swirling planets. Finished with Honeycomb smocking on the wrist and ankle cuffs.

  The work currently resides in the Hand & Lock archive until after the 2017 competition is held when it will then be available for sale.

Photography - Courtesy of Hand & Lock

Clothing/Design - Annalisa Middleton

Please email me with any queries regarding my work or services.
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