fine art


This art piece is the first in a collection of work based around Middleton's own version of the, "floating world" an expression coined in the Edo period of Japan to describe the pursuit of enjoyment through rich sensory experience. Such art music and theatre. offered an escape from the humdrum of working life into a universe both surreal and beautiful.


Drawing on observances from cellular organisms and marine life, the artist speculates on the design of future organic technologies, for the purpose of communication and movement of data throughout the cosmos. Her own imagined unrealities are then made tangible through the rendering of figments as object. She sees these works as a kind of spell or portal for the viewer to see into her world and perhaps beyond, in the form of their own narrative.  

Materials; Raw Silk, wool felt, glass crystals

bullion threads and wires

Please email me with any queries regarding my work or services.
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